Styling Your Socks - The "Subtle Flex"

Here's a little piece of advice when it comes to your outfit for the day... never ignore your SOCKS! They play a super subtle role but are as important as any footwear - adding warmth to your feet and they are your true fashion statement! 

Socks are often just an afterthought when putting together the perfect look. This small, supposedly unimportant detail really completes your outfit and puts the final touch to your look.

But what colour of socks should you rock? With which type of shoe? And what length should they be? We’ll let you know some tips about the best way to pair your socks with the rest of your fit...




Neutrals - If you stick to a neutral colour palette throughout your outfit, you'll get a neater and far more cohesive look. Just ensure the fit is spot on.










White - There are some occasions when you absolutely should not be breaking out the white socks. When you are sitting at home wearing your most comfortable outfit, white socks are a great option for completing the comfortable look. If you are slipping on sneakers to shoot some hoops, lift some weights, or do any kind of athletics, you can rest assured that white socks are a good option. Whether you decide to go with ankle socks, crew cut, or mid-calf socks, white is a fine choice for sporting activities of any kind. Any formal situation where you will be sitting is an absolute no-no for white socks. Instead, go for a simple dress sock, or a fun, bold, and funky pair of socks.



Bright - If you are going for a bolder look, bright colours such as your hot pinks, greens, highlighter orange and yellows, then it's important that your clothing choice for the day is relatively subtle. If you want your bright coloured socks to stand out, you can wear a neutral outfit like all white or all black. 


Patterns - Almost anything coloured and patterned goes for casual wear. The sky’s the limit when teaming different styles. But you shouldn’t overdo it. Patterns such as tie dye, polka dots, stripes or other designs are meant to provide that 'pop' to your outfit.





Sneakers -  For a sporty sneaker look, a neutral sock is best—pairs with patterns don't work as well with the inherent casualness of the shoe as simple pairs in basic colors do. With a neutral sneaker ie. black or white, go crazy with your socks. When the sneaker is more of the statement piece, remember your socks are an important piece but you also don't want them stealing the show. 



Slides - The crazier the shoe, the simpler the sock. If you've got a fun pair of furry slides, reach for a basic neutral pair of socks (gray, white, black, tan). If you have a basic pair of slides, then you can go crazy with the socks.



Dress Shoes - Black, or at least dark-coloured knee-high socks are essential for classic business dress codes, for the reasons already stated. If your employer doesn’t have a strict dress code, you can also wear colourful socks with your suit, which continues to be on-trend. But make sure that the colour of your socks complements something you’re wearing above the waist. For example, your socks could match your shirt, tie or pocket square. 




Heels - If you're going to do a sock with an open-toed sandal, the sandal should be flat or extremely low-heeled, and a clean, sleek style (i.e. nothing lace-up or too strappy).




Crew Length/Medium - This length is for all the sock lovers who want to show off their favourite statement piece. This length is also for when you want to stay cozy and warm.


Long/Knee High - This length is what we call the showstopper. Pair with sneakers, heels or boots for an eye catching look. These socks are so long that they are meant to overpower the rest of your outfit and that's okay! There is always one piece of your ensemble that stands out more than the rest and if you choose to wear knee high socks, long socks or pantyhose, those will be the jaw dropping piece. 




You may have noticed that socks aren’t what they used to be. Think back: for a long time socks were just something you used to cover your feet. Possibly black, probably ankle-height and definitely an afterthought.

Socks are now an important part of your outfit at the least, the making of an outfit at most. Take advantage of the potential for personal touches when choosing the right socks. 

Thanks for reading - send us pictures of how you chose to style your socks and tag us on Instagram! @sockshopper

With love - The Sock Shop Team 

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