Sock Talk

  • 10 Random Facts About Socks!

    Socks. Many of us take them for granted. We put them on in the morning and they keep our feet warm and dry. Yet, the humble sock has played a crucial part of history of the world and has earned its place in both the cultural and the fashion hall of fame. Want to know more? Here are ten wacky, memorable and super interesting facts about socks for you!
  • Styling Your Socks - The "Subtle Flex"

    Here's a little piece of advice when it comes to your outfit for the day... never ignore your SOCKS! They play a super subtle role but are as important as any footwear - adding warmth to your feet and they are your true fashion statement! 

    Socks are often just an afterthought when putting together the perfect look. This small, supposedly unimportant detail really completes your outfit and puts the final touch to your look.

    But what colour of socks should you rock? With which type of shoe? And what length should they be? We’ll let you know some tips about the best way to pair your socks with the rest of your fit...